Home Treatment for Numb Fingers on the Left Hand

If you have been having problems with numb fingers on the left hand you likely don’t have anything serious to worry about. Chances are if you are experiencing numbness and tingling of the fingers you have a condition known as ulnar nerve compression. The ulnar nerve runs from your fingers to your arm, shoulder and then to your spine.

A compression of this nerve can cause tingling and numb fingers on the left hand; in this case the compression is usually located in the arm, in the area of the elbow. If you are right handed you may have habits that can cause you to experience the numb feeling in the fingers of your left hand.

Fortunately if this is the cause of your numb fingers on the left hand there are some things you can do to help release the compressed nerve and relieve the feeling of numbness in the fingers. 

If you have a habit of placing your elbow on your desk or chair while resting your chin in your hand, this can cause that feeling of numb fingers on the left hand. Due to the fact that the nerve runs along the outside area of the elbow this can cause compression of the nerve. To help relieve this problem try not to do this while sitting at your desk; instead try letting arm hang to your side.

Another of the common habits that can cause a compression of this nerve is to rest your arm on the car window while you are driving. You will also need to stop doing this in order to reverse the compressed nerve. Instead of resting your arm on the car door, try letting it rest on your leg; better yet, keep both hands on the wheel while you are driving.

Those people that sleep with their arm against their chest may also experience numb fingers on the left side. This can be a difficult habit to break if it is something you have done since you were a child. To help with breaking this habit, try wrapping a towel or small blanket loosely around your elbow before going to bed; this can help to keep your arm straight while you sleep.

You can rehabilitate this compressed nerve with some effort. Do the following exercises a few time everyday for a few weeks and you should get relief from numb fingers on the left hand.

  • With your palm forward and your wrist bent, extend the arm out away from your body and hold it straight.
  • Now bend your elbow back while at the same time you are raising your arm and straightening your wrist.
  • The next exercise involves extending the arm out straight in front of you and bending the wrist forward and backward. After this you will want to rotate the wrist, but make sure that you your arm straight and the wrist bent.

It is important that you do these exercises a number of times during the week in order to take the compression off of the nerve. Along with doing these rehabilitation exercises you will also need to refrain from the habits that caused the nerve compression in the first place.

Although nerve compression is most often the cause of numb fingers on the left hand, if you experience numbness or tingling in your hands or arms, you will want to make an appointment with your healthcare provider or visit your local emergency room, especially if there is pain associated with the numbness.

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