How to Increase Finger Strength

Just about every sport uses the fingers in some way so it is not too much of a surprise that finger strength is a priority for many people. Sometimes not enough attention is paid to finger strength and finger injuries occur. Your chances are good of injuring your finger whether you play baseball, basketball, football, tennis, or are active in rock climbing.

Each of your hands has fifteen finger bones which are connected to joints by ligaments. These fingers can have broken bones, ligament tears, strained or sprained ligaments, and dislocations. Strong fingers are less apt to suffer injury than under-developed ones. That means that if you do finger strengthening exercises, you are less apt to have injuries and will be able to do put your hands to more uses.

There are many exercises which can help you to develop finger strength and increase range of motion. One of these is squeezing a ball. Just find a tennis ball, place it in the center of your hand and squeeze. Hold the position for around five seconds and then release the ball. Do this exercise for ten times. You should repeat it three or more times a day to build strength. If you are coming back from a finger injury, don’t repeat if the movement is not pain free.

Finger strength can also be gained by doing finger pushups. If you hate normal pushups, you will probably dislike these as well. Get on the floor and in the regular pushup position. Your body should be horizontal on the ground and your arms should be just beyond the width of your shoulders. Instead of using the palm of your hands to lift yourself up off the floor, use your fingertips. You must support your entire body weight with your fingers. Lower yourself until your nose is touching the floor and then push yourself back up again.

Finger strength is not only needed by athletes, it is also of prime importance to guitar players, pianists, computer operators and others who use their fingers to earn a living. Finger exercises are still an excellent way to gain strength but do not do anything that causes finger pain. If you are recovering from a finger or hand injury, talk to your doctor before beginning finger exercises.

One of the simplest exercises to build finger strength is to get a couple of small hand dumbbells and hold one in each hand. Put your hands at your sides with your fingertips loose and your fingers holding the dumbbells. Walk forward one hundred feet and then set the dumbbells down on the floor. Count to twenty, pick up the dumbbells and repeat this exercise three times.

If you want to gain finger strength without using objects, here is a good exercise in which you only need to use your hands. Hold your right hand in the air, palm facing you with fingers pointed upward. Using the thumb of your left hand to push against your right little finger as hard as you can for three seconds without the finger moving. Do this with all four fingers of your right hand. Then reverse yourself, hold your left hand in the air and push against each of the four fingers with your right thumb. Hold each one around three seconds.

There’s a really great exercise that helps to strengthen each finger independently. Hold out your wrist straight in front of you. Then going in order, touch your thumb to each fingertip to form a circle. Do this exercise over and over on both hands.

No matter why you need to increase finger strength, there is an exercise that can help. Start out with these exercises and see how much stronger your fingers can be.

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